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  • Elite-Performance-Coaching

    "As an elite peformance coach Ben is an amazing resource.
    He’s at the top of his field."
    - Charles Duhigg, Pulitzer-prize winning reporter for the New York Times
    and the author of Smarter Faster Better and The Power of Habit

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  • Group-Coaching

    "Ben has been instrumental in helping us strengthen both our friendship and business partnership. He’s grown our confidence in our relationship with each other and in our ability to lead our team."

    - Erica Cerulo & Clair Mazur, co-founders of 'Of a Kind' and the authors of Work Wife

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  • Your-Next-Big-Thing

    Discover Your Next Big Thing,
    written by Dr. Ben Michaelis.

    Dr. Ben’s ten steps are the key to getting you from running in place to moving with purpose.

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