I am a clinical psychologist with a private practice in New York City. My patients come from all walks of life and disciplines. I was trained in a traditional model of clinical psychology. This foundation has helped me to understand and help the many wonderful people who I’ve worked with over the years. Since beginning my training and practice, I have routinely integrated ideas and techniques from various disciplines, including improvisational theater, biology, theology, martial arts, and the visual arts, to inform my work and improve the well-being of my patients.

Being a confidant of so many fascinating people has allowed me to understand the apparent pitfalls that we all struggle with from time to time and to develop strategies to see through the illusions that can hold us back. Having these types of relationships is special and illuminating in many ways, but one of the most vital things I have come to appreciate is that beneath all our differences,  we all have the same fundamental wishes for lives filled with play, purpose, and work.