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“8 Things Science Says We Can Do To Become A Little Happier” – Medicine Times

Happiness can be fleeting under the best of circumstances. Even people who are basically happy have periods when they’re not, and for those who are prone to depression, it’s always a struggle. The core issue with depression (or one of them) is that it hijacks your urge to want to fix things, which obviously creates a […]

“Why every relationship could benefit from couple’s therapy” – The List

When we picture couple’s therapy, we often think of a married couple’s relationship in which one person has discovered the other is cheating, or in which one person is just no longer feeling the spark anymore. Generally, couple’s therapy has been shown to lead to significant improvements in relationship matters, but these studies are traditionally […]

“Does Shopping Actually Make You Happy?” – Allure

To say that I had just been eyeing Charlotte Chesnais’s layered, vermeil drop earrings would be one of the many understatements of 2016. I practically stalked them, checking The Line and Net-a-Porter almost daily, but at $680 and $755, respectively, I couldn’t pull the trigger on the sculptural designs—my bank account was already depleted and […]

“Want to Hit a Big Money Goal? Start With a ‘Small Win’” – LearnVest

Once you’ve got a couple quick wins under your belt, your brain will start to associate progress with happiness. “Most people tend to feel some psychological discomfort around an unfinished goal,” says clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis, Ph.D. “When we complete a small goal, we tend to experience some measure of relief from this tension, which […]

5 Fast Ways To Become Happier and More Positive

The human instinct for self preservation is an inherently optimistic way of approaching the world because it assumes two things: 1. There will be a future and 2. We want to be a part of that future. However, in spite of this inherent optimism, we also carry with us certain biases that can lead to […]

HuffPost Live – “Guru’s Forum with @joshzepps”

Why does Generation Y seem to be so perpetually unhappy and unsatisfied? Dr. Ben Michaelis joined the forum on HuffPost Live to talk about the source of millennial unhappiness and Stephen Hawking’s endorsement of assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Originally aired on September 19, 2013