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“Reflections on Politicon 2016” – Huffington Post

Politicon took place June 25 and 26 at the Pasadena (Calif.) Convention Center. What is Politicon, you ask? Vanity Fair described it best as “a Comic-Con style event for political aficionados,” while the Huffington Post called it “the Coachella of politics.” Like Comic-Con, the event had panels, vendors, artwork, cosplay, and plenty of passionate attendees. […]

"Clinical Psychologist Says Trump Is Following ‘Playbook’ of Leaders Like Hitler, Mussolini"- The Blaze

Clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis told Glenn Beck Tuesday evening that Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, who is leading the polls nationally, is following the “playbook” of leaders like Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. “You would compare Donald Trump to somebody like Mussolini, Hitler — would you put him in those categories?” Beck asked on The Glenn Beck Program. […]