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Michaelis & Associates

The Michaelis & Associates practice is focused exclusively on an action-oriented approach to psychotherapy.

Through a combination of traditional cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT), dynamic psychotherapy, and a theoretical background of evolutionary psychology and biology, cross-cultural mythology, Dr. Michaelis and his associates work with individual clients to achieve wellness through a balance of action, play, purpose, and meaningful work.

Ben Michaelis, Ph.D.

An author, clinical psychologist, speaker, and change agent, Dr. Ben Michaelis brings his passion for creativity and evolutionary psychology to his innovative, action-based solutions with his diverse range of clients.

Alessandra Herbosch, Psy.D.

AlessaAs a clinical psychologist, Dr. Herbosch has provided solution-focused therapy to a diverse group of children, adolescents, and adults in a broad range of settings. Her extensive experience has allowed her to help clients with a myriad of psychological issues, from coping with anxiety and depression, to substance abuse, to romantic and interpersonal relationships, to providing crisis intervention services.

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