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The ADHD President

We are living in an era of presidential firsts: George W. Bush was the first MBA president, Barack Obama was the first Black president, and now with Donald Trump we likely have the first ADHD president. I do not make, or take, a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) lightly, nor, for the record, […]

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Trump

Managing Post Election Stress Disorder This morning when I was on the train I saw a worried look in the eyes a white woman.  I could see the pain in her eyes and just for a split second, I felt her fear. Then I glanced down. I saw her holding the hands of her children, a girl and […]

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Will Augmented Reality Be the New Therapy?

Over the past two days something strange has happened in my practice.  Three separate patients of mine, who donot know each other, don’t usually get out much, or exercise basically at all, told me that they started leaving the house more and walking around.  One of them said that she has gotten more exercise this week […]

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Does Sugar Cause Mental Illness?

I’m not an extremist. I’m not someone that takes information and runs with it. Nor am I a “health nut.” I eat popcorn at the movies, steal my kids’ Snickers out of their Halloween stash (parent tax), and I know my way around a Bear Claw. This weekend, while visiting a major U.S. theme park, […]

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Violence and Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day whether you are in a happy, loving, committed relationship or you are one of the many people who will be celebrating “Singles Awareness Day(link is external),” one of the things that you may bethankful for is a brief reprieve fromdomestic violence. Although there is anecdotal evidence that Valentine’s Day is connected to a […]

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Running IS Meditation

“Running is a mental sport, more than anything else. You’re only as good as your training, and your training is only as good as your thinking.” – Lauren Oliver When I first started running, I didn’t think about why I ran.  I needed to lose some weight, and I was too cheap to join a […]

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We’re All Addicts Now

Substances such as cocaine or alcohol are so pernicious in the way they colonize the mind that to do battle with them takes a particular brand of courage. As difficult as the road to recovery can be, I have found that many times the struggle that occurs inside the body and mind during recovery can be […]

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Will He Cheat? Don't Check His Phone, Check His Credit

How can you tell if your relationship will go the distance? Unconditional love? Shared dreams? Great sex? Actually, it seems that in the long term, one of the best predictors of relationship success has nothing to do with any of the factors that you probably think of when you are deciding who to marry. Brand […]

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Why Coloring Is Good for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Trendiness is rarely next to Godliness. Occasionally though, every once in while, a trend comes along that is interesting, uplifting, and actually helpful. One of those trends is adult coloring books. Coloring books for adults have become so popular lately that they have topped the New York Times and Amazon.com Bestseller Lists. The wonderful thing […]

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What's the Opposite of FOMO?

FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out, is a modern day plague. True, FOMO may not smell as putrid as diseased livestock, harm you as much as pestilence, or creep you out as much as frogs on your pillow, but it is pretty bad, and it seems to be getting worse. When we compare other […]

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