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Do You Have ‘Career Compulsive Disorder’? How to Unplug – TODAY Show

According to a Harvard Business Review survey, half of professionals put in a 65-hour work week and check work emails on weekends. Sascha de Gersdorff of Women’s Health magazine and clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Michaelis share strategies for balancing work and home life.

The Today Show: When is it Time to Go To Therapy?

Dr. Ben Michaelis talks with Kathie Lee and Hoda about when is the right time to seek therapy; THE TODAY SHOW.

5 Habits of Highly Persuasive People (And How to Get Them!) – TODAY Show

Psychologist Ben Michaelis and Forbes reporter Kathryn Dill share tips with Hoda and guest cohost Jenna Bush Hager on how the habits of highly persuasive people can help you achieve what you want in many aspects of your life.

Family Separation – Fox 5 News at 6

Dr. Ben Michaelis joins Fox 5 news to talk about family separation and how the emotional trauma of being separated from the parents and being surrounded by strangers can have a lifelong impact on the children.

An Alarming Upward Trend of Suicides – Fox 5 News at 6pm

Dr. Ben Michaelis joins Fox 5 News to talk about an alarming upward trend in suicides and why it is important to call for more education and awareness.

Mentally Fit For the Office? – Spectrum News NY1

Clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Michaelis joins Errol Louis to talk about calls for President Trump to undergo an in-depth cognitive exam. He says the President is not mentally fit for office.

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Watch it here: Spectrum News NY1 

Mental Health Experts and Donald Trump – BRAVE NEW FILMS

Dr. Ben Michaelis and other leading mental health experts talk about Donald Trump and whether he is mentally fit for the presidency.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Key Facts You Need to Know – HealthiNation

OCD isn’t just liking things labeled or washing your hands often.

It’s common to hear someone casually refer to themselves as “so OCD” as they show off their perfectly labeled filing cabinet. While many people enjoy a color-coded Post-It note system, even the strongest type-A personality is not necessarily enough for a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD.

Dr. Ben Michaelis and other experts join HelthiNation to talk about the key facts you need to know about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Watch it here: HealthiNation 

Yankee Fever – Fox 5 News

Dr. Ben Michaelis joins Fox 5 News to talk about Yankee Fever and how it brings New Yorkers together in these difficult times of natural disasters and mass terror.

The Value of Boredom – Fox 5 News At 6pm

Dr. Ben Michaelis joins Fox 5 News to talk about why boredom can be actually good for you and your health.