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“5 Little Ways To Practice Self-Care If The News Cycle Is Affecting Your Mental Health” – Bustle

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Figuring out how to keep up with the news cycle today without getting anxious isn’t easy. You want to stay informed and know what’s going on. But at the same time, every news alert can send you down into a deeper state of anxiety. With the current political climate, watching the news has never been more stressful. According to experts, if the news cycle is messing with your mental health, the best way to deal is to practice self-care. “It’s so true that many of us feel overwhelmed with the negativity in the world today,” Seattle-based therapist, Gretchen Glass, LMFT tells Bustle. “That’s why it’s important to remember that self-care is an essential part of mental health.”

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“7 Ways ‘S-Town’ Showed How Devastating Mental Illness Can Be” – Health


Warning: Major spoilers ahead. 

On March 28, the producers of hit podcasts “Serial” and “This American Life” released “S-Town,” a seven-part investigative series based in rural Woodstock, Alabama. In its first week, it topped 16 million downloads, a blockbuster by podcasting standards. Like “Serial,” “S-Town” opens with a tipster asking a journalist to investigate a murder. But soon, the narrative pivots, and listeners are drawn into the heartbreaking story of one man and his lifelong struggle with mental illness.

John B. McLemore, an antique clock restorer and horologist, talks for hours with journalist Brian Reed, first on the phone and then in person when Reed travels to Alabama. Recordings with the eccentric, hyper-articulate McLemore reveal a passion for clocks, dedication to his elderly mother, and pride over the outdoor garden maze in his backyard—but also an obsession with climate change and the problems with Woodstock, which he calls “Shit Town, Alabama.” As the podcast unfolds, a theme emerges: McLemore is struggling with depression. In the second episode, we learn McLemore died by suicide at age 49, leaving his friends and family (as well as invested listeners) devastated by the loss.

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“8 Things Science Says We Can Do To Become A Little Happier” – Medicine Times


Happiness can be fleeting under the best of circumstances. Even people who are basically happy have periods when they’re not, and for those who are prone to depression, it’s always a struggle. The core issue with depression (or one of them) is that it hijacks your urge to want to fix things, which obviously creates a vicious cycle. One strategy that helps with the hijack is to create a little routine that you stick to, and which can become a habit itself, and into which you build other habits (see below for more on this method). And according to science and psychologists, there are other things to do to improve your happiness level, whether you’re depressed or just dealing with “stuff” right now. Here’s what the science tells us we can do to make ourselves a little happier in an ongoing way.

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“The Self-Help Guru That Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, and Eva Longoria Swear By” – Health

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What do Kim Kardashian, Bill Clinton, Oprah, and Eva Longoria have in common? They’re all fans of life coach Tony Robbins.

Robbins, 57, rose to fame in the 1980s after the publication of his debut self-help book, Unlimited Power. Soon after, he began appearing on infomercials, and garnered a reputation as an inspiring motivational speaker. Through his subsequent books, as well as his audio programs and live events around the world, Robbins has reached millions of people.

What is it that makes Robbins so popular?

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“11 Little Habits You Didn’t Realize Can Be Signs Of Adult ADHD” – Bustle

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.44.24 PMIf you feel like your constant lateness and total disorganization is getting in the way of your life, it may come as a relief to know that these “bad habits” may be signs of adult ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). While it’s likely you struggled with it more as a kid, the symptoms of ADHD can stick around, affect you into adulthood, and truly make life difficult.

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“Corinne from ‘The Bachelor’ Had a Very Good Defense for Her Naps” – Glamour

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Monday night on The Bachelor: Women Tell All, we learned that the real villain of this season isn’t Corinne — it’s naps. To the other girls, Corrine sleeping through a rose ceremony when she was safe from elimination was unforgivable. Corinne, meanwhile, argued that she had an anxiety attack and literally could not be in that rose ceremony.

“I was actually very upset, and I actually had an anxiety attack,” Corinne said. “I was hyperventilating, and I was very, very upset, and I was not in any way ready to go down and stand in a rose ceremony. Like, I was not able to do so.”

The girls’ reaction? “Corinne, none of us were. We were all hyperventilating, we were all crying, yet we didn’t feel — even if we had a group date rose — we still got our asses down there,” said Sarah, speaking for all of Season 21’s nap haters.

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“How To Tell If A Wellness Coach Is Legit” – Women’s Health

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As obesity rates, health-care costs, and an emphasis on prevention all rise, so does the wellness realm: It’s set to be the next trillion-dollar industry, according to data from private market research firm Women’s Marketing Inc., in partnership with Rodale (the publisher of Women’s Health). So it’s no wonder that wellness coaching is one of the fastest-growing areas of the overall coaching industry. An estimated 20,000 coaches have sprung up since the field emerged 17 years ago, says Margaret Moore, CEO of training school Wellcoaches Corporation and codirector of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital in Boston.And there’s the catch: Because the specialty is still relatively new, there’s no organization that ensures all wellness coaches get proper training and stick to standards—or requires them to have any qualifications. Anyone can hang out their shingle as a wellness coach—the mom who has read a few books about nutrition, the trainer at the gym, or your multilevel-marketing Facebook friend who’s constantly hawking supplements. Lots of people who bill themselves as wellness coaches have no idea what that really means. “The word wellness is pretty vague, so that might contribute to the problem—and there’s a risk that unqualified coaches could do more harm than good,” says Webster. Here’s how to hire the right person.

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“Doctors And Psychologists Reveal How Getting Married Changes Your Mind And Body” – Elite Daily

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Everyone knows marriage is hard.

After you’ve finally paid off all the bills from your wedding day, you’ll start to get into a groove where you find yourself fostering a new type of a relationship together — one more serious and connected than when you were just dating. But one thing not too many people know is, after you get married, your mind and your body can change drastically. Since you’re no longer on the hunt to find someone who wants to settle down in a relationship with you, the way you approach day-to-day life (when it comes to your thought process, eating habits and even overall anxieties and fears) begins to flow down a different path. If you’re wondering what is going to happen to your mind and body when you’re married, here are some answers from five doctors and psychologists.

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“Decoding Your Desk: What Does It Say About You?” – HowStuffWorks

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Is your cluttered desk a sign of creative genius or total chaos? Experts weigh in.


The eyes might be the windows to the soul, but your desk lets people see right into your brain. OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but it does beg the question: Messy or not, is your desk an accurate reflection of how you work and operate? Expert opinions might surprise you.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Michaelis says if someone keeps a messy desk, people might think that means they’re generally disorganized, too. “It’s a visual metaphor for their mind,” he explains. “If their ideas are all over the place, their things and thinking and focus can be too.”

However, Michaelis is quick to point out that being comfortable in your workspace is more important than having a gleaming desk. “Someone who is fastidious to have a messy desk for a little while would probably not be conducive to creativity, but for people who like to play in that messiness it probably does work out,” he says.

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“Why every relationship could benefit from couple’s therapy” – The List

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When we picture couple’s therapy, we often think of a married couple’s relationship in which one person has discovered the other is cheating, or in which one person is just no longer feeling the spark anymore. Generally, couple’s therapy has been shown to lead to significant improvements in relationship matters, but these studies are traditionally carried out with romantic couples, like our example married duo. The fact of the matter is couple’s therapy can be conducted with any type of couple: platonic, work-related, parental, etc. It turns out that just about every kind of relationship could benefit from couple’s therapy, not just the type with couples who intend to get married or spend the rest of their lives together.

I spoke with licensed marriage and family therapists, social workers, professional counselors, and people who have gone through couple’s counseling to find out why it’s not only beneficial for romantic relationships, but for just about any relationship you can think of.

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