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Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: The Monarchs’ Pause

The pause. In the video below, Monarch butterflies take a pause in their journey. The butterflies huddle together and wait for the right conditions before journeying on. For our essential workers, things have never stopped, but others have a choice coming soon: When will it feel right to re-emerge from this pause?  Is it a deliberated strategy?  […]

Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: WTF?!

What the flurry?Yeah, so… mid-May, right? Just checking. Sincerely,Ben P.S. If you know anyone who might be interested in receiving these daily emails, feel free to add them to the mailing list.

Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: Quaran-do

Quaran-do:  an activity/suggestion for the passing of quarantine time; what to do when you have time to dilly-dally, or to be politically correct, shilly-shally.  The weekend is upon us, so you may need some ideas to add to your quaran-do list. Here is my offering for the day:  Beautiful National Geographic photographs in the form of online jigsaw puzzles (with the […]

Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: Visual Letter

I get a lot of cool photos from you. They are part of the visual memory of this time for me.Your bike rides, your self portraits, your companions, your inspiration.I decided to start a collage…a sort of visual storytelling of this time together. We can keep adding on to it, as you send me more […]

Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: Gimme a break!

Give yourself a break. As April has bled into May, I have been seeing more and more people treating themselves with less and less kindness. Regardless of how this pandemic is affecting you, it is affecting you. It is affecting all of us in one way or another. If you are not using this pause to learn […]

Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: Haiku!

Haiku. I hope this messagefinds you and yours safe, sound andup for nerdy fun I’ve been living on the side of this mountain for almost two months now, and conversations and activities are starting to get stale.  Sensing this, my amazing colleague, Allyson Keenan, sent me this conversation starting game to play with my family over the dinner […]

Coping with COVID-19: The Resilient Camperdown Elm

The Camperdown Elm. Nature has so much to teach us if we let it.  Today’s substitute professor will be none other than The Camperdown Elm, located in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Having arrived in Prospect Park in 1872, this weeping elm is living through its second pandemic. Resilient? You betcha! The Camperdown Elm owes its existence to outside […]

Coping through COVID-19: May the 4th

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Coping with COVID-19: Celebrate Everything  by Ben Michaelis I’ll even take a holiday cooked up by a marketing department at this point. I had more profound things to share with all of you this morning when a friend of mine sent me this text: Which made me happy, not only because I am […]

Coping through COVID-19: What Are You Feeding Your Gut?

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Coping with COVID-19: What Are You Feeding Your Gut?  by Ben Michaelis Guts.   Today we have a guest post from the fabulous Danielle Reardon, a wellness coach and founder of  The Well-Intended.  Danielle is offering some super helpful tips for supportive nutrition during the pandemic and beyond. Here’s her knowledge bomb for you… The proverb, […]

Coping through COVID-19: Throwin’ it Down II

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Coping with COVID-19: Daily Tip: Throwin’ it down II by Ben Michaelis   FREE LUNCH! Okay, now that I have your attention, I will explain. I am offering you the opportunity to do something good for yourself and the world in one convenient package and it literally won’t cost you a dime. Starting […]