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“The Vlogging Cure” – Psychology Today

With millions of viewers following their testimonies, YouTube video creators are challenging the stigma attached to mental illness. What are the benefits and pitfalls of their public confessionals? Every morning, Martina Stawski wakes up in pain, her every joint, from jaw to knuckles, screaming its complaint. There is no cure for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, the chronic […]

Will Augmented Reality Be the New Therapy?

Over the past two days something strange has happened in my practice.  Three separate patients of mine, who donot know each other, don’t usually get out much, or exercise basically at all, told me that they started leaving the house more and walking around.  One of them said that she has gotten more exercise this week […]

Stop Giving Thanks!

This Thanksgiving: stop giving thanks. Start giving charity, learn more on Dr. Ben Michaelis’ article for Psychology Today.

Who Are You Thankful for?

Who are you thankful for? Learn about two small but meaningful additions you can add to your holidays from Dr. Ben Michaelis’ column on Psychology Today.

Killing Yourself by Comparison?

Comparisons with other people are especially harmful when they are used in an emotional or creative context, learn more on Psychology Today.