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How Texting Can Save Your Daughter’s Life

I met a superhero the other day. This superhero doesn’t have an invisible plane like Wonder Woman. She’s not super bendy like Elastigirl, and she can’t make a tornado appear out of thin air like Storm. This superhero saves lives every single day. Even when she’s asleep. How does she do all this? Unlike Xena: […]

Measles and Manners

Etiquette Experts Explain How to Talk About Kids’ Vaccinations and the Measles Virus Since a measles outbreak occurred earlier this year, moms have been wondering how to find out if their kids’ playmates have been vaccinated against the disease. Here’s how to ask awkward questions and make uncomfortable decisions without offending neighbors, friends and family…  […]

7 Top Tips to Help Your Kids “Spring Forward”

We may think one hour of sleep isn’t that big of a deal, but research from The Better Sleep Council shows that 61 percent of Americans feel the effects of the “lost hour” the Monday after resetting their clocks, and 39 percent are in a worse mood following the time change. This time shift effect is magnified […]

Here's How To Talk To A Child About A Death In The Family

What you should never say to a grieving child   Back when I worked for international disaster relief missions, I heard some incredibly insensitive remarks directed towards grieving children. For instance, I once heard a first responder say, within earshot of children who had lost a loved one, “Well, it could have been a lot […]