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“Sneaky Ways Your Partner’s Parents Can Affect Your Relationship” – The List

When it comes to dating, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. But sometimes it’s not what you’re doing that’s causing problems in your relationship, it’s the parents. Whether yours or your partner’s, parents can certainly have a way of butting in where they shouldn’t and can turn your relationship sour. To […]

“Small ways you can be a better friend” – The List

Over the course of your life, many different friendships will begin and end. They’ll ebb and flow as you grow and your life changes, through big moves, breakups, new jobs, engagements and weddings, or the journey towards starting a family, if that’s what you choose. There are all different kinds of friends — old friends […]

“7 Signs Your Friend Group Is Toxic” – Health

In the penultimate episode of HBO’s Girls, the four main characters squeeze into a bathroom for a group meeting that’s meant to be healing, but instead serves the final nail in the coffin of their friendship. “I have come to realize how exhausting and narcissistic and ultimately boring this whole dynamic is,” says Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), defending her decision not to […]

“How To Deal If Your Friend Is Now Your Boss (Or Vice Versa!)” – Glamour

When Andrea Sanchez, 29, scored a big new title at her marketing firm, she was initially worried about one employee: her friend and former peer Sara Pence, 24. She was used to sharing details about her dating life with Pence; now she was her boss. Pence also had reservations: “I wondered, Can I still tell […]

"11 Signs You Need to Dump Your Friend" – WiseBread

Rest assured, we all have one of those. Dr. Ben Michaelis, clinical psychologist and author of the book Your Next Big Thing: 10 Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy, offers advice. “None of us wants to see friends and family as having a negative influence on our lives, but if they are holding us […]