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"How to keep politics off the table at Thanksgiving" – Chicago Tribune

Many families are familiar with one recurring Thanksgiving appetizer: political banter. Whether it’s a cousin passing out “Feel the Bern” stickers or Donald Trump trumpeting on television in the background, many dread the moment when high-blood-pressure topics overshadow the turkey. New York-based clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Michaelis said this very concern was a source of […]

"When You Don't Like Your Grandchild" –

Being less than gaga about a grandchild isn’t something most grandparents want to admit out loud. “Though generally not spoken about in social settings,“ says Ben Michaelis, Ph.D., author of Your Next Big Thing, and clinical psychologist,  “I do hear it often in my private practice.” [Read more]

"Ask the Experts: Is David Beckham Right About Pacifiers?" – Healthline

“Obviously, this is a personal decision. Generally speaking, sucking on pacifiers is a good thing. Infants under 6 months who suck on pacifiers are at a lower risk for SIDS [sudden infant death syndrome]. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests weaning children off pacifiers between the ages of 6 and 12 months. From a psychological […]

"Toddler Discipline in 6 Essential Steps" – Healthline

“Kids, and adults actually, tend to learn best when there are natural consequences for their actions,” says Ben Michaelis, Ph.D. and author of Your Next Big Thing. “So in situations where these consequences can be achieved without significant pain or injury, parents should consider allowing the natural learning process to occur.” Permitting natural consequences is […]

"6 Co-Parenting Tips That Really Work" – Healthline

  “Ideally, co-parents should create a shared understanding about what the rules and expectations are,” says Dr. Michaelis. “If at all possible, the rules should be the same in both households, but I know that this is not practical, and so as long as the expectations are clear, children can generally roll with it.” [Read […]

Parenting Tips for the Cyber Age – The Security Brief

Dr. Ben Michaelis discusses signs that your child may be the victim of bullying, and cyber security expert Ray McGowan advises parents to be vigilant in monitoring their children’s behavior. Originally aired on July 7th, 2015

"Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Split" – Lifescript

“Ideally co-parents should create a shared understanding on how to best raise their children,” says Ben Michaelis, Ph.D., a New York clinical psychologist and author of Your Next Big Thing (Adams Media). “That will reassure children they are still loved and that their well-being remains paramount to both parents.” [Read more]

"11 Signs You Need to Dump Your Friend" – WiseBread

Having good friends is an important piece of the lifestyle puzzle. For some of us, our friends are closer to us than our family members, and we share much of our life’s up and downs with them. Not all “friends” are the same, however. Every once in a while you come across an individual who seems benign […]

How to Ruin Mother's Day

Overnight shipping from Amazon. Panicked, last minute phone calls to florists. Saturday night drug store runs to track down the last Mother’s Day card. Just this once, forget about all that. This Mother’s Day, do something different. Do something radical. Do something, dare I say, sacrilegious: Don’t buy your mother a gift. Before you throw your Whitman’s […]

Measles and Manners

Etiquette Experts Explain How to Talk About Kids’ Vaccinations and the Measles Virus Since a measles outbreak occurred earlier this year, moms have been wondering how to find out if their kids’ playmates have been vaccinated against the disease. Here’s how to ask awkward questions and make uncomfortable decisions without offending neighbors, friends and family…  […]