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Dr. Ben Michaelis: Finding His Path In Life Via Sesame Street

Dr. Ben Michaelis chats with David Ralph of Join Up Dots about his life and career, sharing his best strategies to take action and live a life of purpose. Show Highlights During the show, Dr. Ben Michaelis and David Ralph touch upon the following topics: Why saying yes to an opportunity is the best way to achieve […]

America Meditating On Unlocking Creativity

Dr. Ben Michaelis about unlocking creativity for a life of purpose on “America Meditating” on Blog Talk Radio with Sister Jenna from the Meditation Museum.

Empower Radio

Doug Foresta interviews Dr. Ben Michaelis about the 10 small steps to get moving and get happy from his new book “Your Next Big Thing” on Empower Radio.

Blogtalk Radio

Learn the 10 small steps, as well as the connection between imagination, play and well being, and how you can use these to get unstuck and more.

Radio Amerika Now

Dr. Ben Michaelis talks to Barb Adams on Radio Amerika Now about how to take that step to Your Next Big Thing: 10 Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy.