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America Meditating On Unlocking Creativity

Dr. Ben Michaelis about unlocking creativity for a life of purpose on “America Meditating” on Blog Talk Radio with Sister Jenna from the Meditation Museum.

Dr. Ben Michaelis: 'Your Next Big Thing' for the New Year (Q&A)

Today, Hartford Books Examiner rings in the New Year with Dr. Ben Michaelis. A clinical psychologist who helps patients achieve mental health and well-being through creativity, Dr. Michaelis is a graduate of Columbia and New York Universities. He has been in private practice in Manhattan since 2004. Dr. Michaelis’s writing has been published in both academic and popular […]

There are No Setbacks

People often ask me how to respond to setbacks when they are in the midst of an emotional or creative challenge, read more on Psychology Today.

Everyday Creativity

Creative action has value in and of itself. Learn more about the importance of everyday creativity on Dr. Ben Michaelis’ column on Psychology Today.