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“Why Adults Can’t Get Enough of Coloring Books” – Daily Worth

In 2013, Secret Garden, an adult coloring book created by U.K.-based illustrator and self-proclaimed “ink evangelist” Johanna Basford, hit the shelves. I recently spoke with Basford about what inspired her to create coloring books for adults, and why she believes they struck a chord with grown-ups. “I created my first coloring book long before they […]

"5 Easy Ways to Meditate Without Even Trying" – Inc.

Adult coloring books have been huge in recent years. Beyond the art itself, there’s something intrinsic about coloring tiny patterns — it’s the simplicity, the intense focus and the repetitive motion, says Ben Michaelis, a psychologist and big proponent of meditation. He says it’s the ultimate “autotelic” activity — doing something for the sake of the act, not the […]

Why Coloring Is Good for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Trendiness is rarely next to Godliness. Occasionally though, every once in while, a trend comes along that is interesting, uplifting, and actually helpful. One of those trends is adult coloring books. Coloring books for adults have become so popular lately that they have topped the New York Times and Bestseller Lists. The wonderful thing […]

"Not Just For Kids: Why You Need to Start Coloring To De-Stress" – Shemazing

Feeling stressed or anxious? Grab a colouring book! It seems colouring books are no longer a pastime just for kids as the world of adult colouring books has gained serious popularity. Colouring isn’t just a fun activity, it also trains the brain to focus and has some serious health benefits. Psychiatrist Carl Jung first used this form […]