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“The Danger of Being Too Good at Your Job” – Grow Magazine

For two years, Sarah Montana worked as an executive assistant at a Manhattan hedge fund where the coffee was good, the people were nice and the work wasn’t hard. She’d taken the job for two reasons: money and stability. And she had both in spades. “I was doing something that came pretty easily, and I […]

“How To Deal If Your Friend Is Now Your Boss (Or Vice Versa!)” – Glamour

When Andrea Sanchez, 29, scored a big new title at her marketing firm, she was initially worried about one employee: her friend and former peer Sara Pence, 24. She was used to sharing details about her dating life with Pence; now she was her boss. Pence also had reservations: “I wondered, Can I still tell […]

“4 Things to Do in the First 4 Weeks of a New Job” – Oprah

How to make the right first impression at work. 1. Resist the urge to “do something.” We’ve all heard the advice that it’s best to listen first and not make too many dramatic changes before you’ve built relationships in your new job. Yet it’s hard to resist the urge to prove yourself and show everyone […]

“Want to Hit a Big Money Goal? Start With a ‘Small Win’” – LearnVest

Once you’ve got a couple quick wins under your belt, your brain will start to associate progress with happiness. “Most people tend to feel some psychological discomfort around an unfinished goal,” says clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis, Ph.D. “When we complete a small goal, we tend to experience some measure of relief from this tension, which […]

“4 Ways to Overcome a Bad First Impression” – Harvard Business Review

If you’ve started out on the wrong foot with a colleague, it can be tempting to avoid the problem by staying away from them. But keeping a distance is likely to exacerbate the problem, because — since they’re not receiving any new inputs about who you are — it will only reinforce their existing perceptions. […]

“4 Ways to Overcome a Bad First Impression” – Harvard Business Review

  We’ve all been there — accidentally alienated a new coworker with a bad joke, underwhelmed the new boss by botching our first assignment, or had a client we didn’t just click with. The trouble is that initial impressions are hard to shake. In a psychological phenomenon known as the “fundamental attribution error,” humans are […]

"Got Laid Off? Here Are the First 4 Things You Should Do" – LearnVest

“Many times, [losing a job creates] a good opportunity to figure out the next steps for ourselves—what is working, and what isn’t,” says behavioral expert Dr. Ben Michaelis, author of “Your Next Big Thing: 10 Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy” and a practicing clinical psychologist in New York City. But you can’t […]