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"7 Signs You May Have An Anxiety Disorder" – SheKnows

How to tell the difference between an anxiety disorder and nagging thoughts It took signing up for therapy to find the answer to the question I have always wanted to know: Is that constant uncomfortable, clenched feeling in my chest normal — or is it the sign of a bigger problem? After working with a […]

"Caitlyn Jenner's New Face: The Physical — and Emotional — Effects of Facial Feminizing Surgery" – Yahoo! Health

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing that, overnight, your face has transformed. Caitlyn Jenner went through this experience after having facial feminization surgery (FFS), a series of procedures that alter the face to increase its femininity. In an upcoming Vanity Fair interview, she reports suffering a panic attack the day after, and recalls thinking, “What did I just […]

"One Big Thing You Can Do to Help a Loved One with Depression" – Yahoo! Health

  If you know someone struggling with depression, some simple words can make a positive difference. If Padalecki was impacted by positive affirmations, could they be helpful for other people suffering from depression? Absolutely, says clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis, PhD, author of Your Next Big Thing: 10 Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy. Positive affirmations […]

Rene Russo Has Bipolar Disorder. How She—and Other Women—Are Helping Make It OK to Talk About Mental Health

In an episode of The Queen Latifah Show that airs on Oct. 30, Rene Russo reveals something about her that none of us knew: She has bipolar disorder and is treating it regularly with medications. Here’s the clip. So Queen Latifah asks Rene (and Jake Gyllenhaal)—who are out and about promoting their new movie, Nightcrawler, these days—to reveal something they’ve had to push […]