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Mental Health Awareness Panel – AOL/Women’s Health Magazine

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Dr. Ben Michaelis joins “Women’s Health” Editor-in-Chief Amy Keller Laird to discuss mental health with the goal of breaking taboos by putting real faces to medical diagnoses, opening up the dialogue, sparking change and ultimately stopping the stigma associated with mental illnesses.

“How well do we know our kids?” – The Washington Post

When I was a kid, we were rarely asked why we did this or that, or what we thought or felt about anything. This is not to knock our parents, who loved us dearly but felt that they didn’t need to have many heart-to-heart discussions with a 7-year-old. Then parenting began to change. “In the […]

“How To Stop Being Absent-Minded” – RewireMe

We’re all prone to forgetful moments, some more than others. People can be absent-minded despite not having any underlying neurological issues or conditions such as depression. In otherwise healthy people, stress can play a big role in tiring the mind out. “If I am running late to work, my baby is crying, and the phone […]

Your Next Big Thing – Art of Charm

Dr. Ben Michaelis provides tips on how to stop trying to avoid stress and, instead, utilize it in intelligent ways. “The tighter we hold onto things and try to control them, oftentimes the more difficult it is to have influence over them.” -Dr. Ben Michaelis Talking Points: Stress is inevitable, so stop trying to avoid […]

"The Science Behind Sticking to Your Resolutions" – O the Oprah Magazine

“So often, we set goals but lack a clear idea of what success should really look like,” says Ben Michaelis, PhD, a clinical psychologist in New York City. “Then when we come up short, we feel worthless.” Rethink your strategy, says Michaelis. Before you embark on any life changes, outline a range of positive outcomes […]

"The 20 Best Things You Can Do For Your Relationship" – Redbook

Spend time each week, maybe it’s every Friday night, talking about your hopes and aspirations as a couple, and think about what will make you happiest going forward. You can say, ‘We’ll buy a house in our favorite neighborhood within five years.’ or, ‘We’ll hvae another kid by next summer,’ or even, ‘We’ll eventually visit […]