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“Can Pokémon Go Really Improve Your Mental Health?” – Health Magazine

A psychologist weighs in on the game’s potential to help with anxiety, depression, and more. Ever since its release last week, the augmented-reality app Pokémon Go has inundated our social media feeds. While some of the news has been troubling (think players who’ve injured themselves as they attempted to navigate neighborhoods while staring at their phones), other reports have been surprisingly positive, with users praising […]

“4 Things to Do in the First 4 Weeks of a New Job” – Oprah

Finally, a new job isn’t just a chance for a professional reset. It can also be a great opportunity to evaluate and change other habits and patterns in your life. Ben Michaelis, PhD, a psychologist and executive coach who is the author of Your Next Big Thing, recalls working with one client who used to […]

“Want to Hit a Big Money Goal? Start With a ‘Small Win’” – Grow Magazine

From buying a home to taking a year off work to travel the world, we’ve all got a big-ticket financial goal or two we’d love to check off our bucket lists. But try to map out your path to that 20-percent down payment or $30,000 savings account balance, and it can get overwhelming—fast. Fortunately, there’s […]

“4 Ways to Overcome a Bad First Impression” – Harvard Business Review

  We’ve all been there — accidentally alienated a new coworker with a bad joke, underwhelmed the new boss by botching our first assignment, or had a client we didn’t just click with. The trouble is that initial impressions are hard to shake. In a psychological phenomenon known as the “fundamental attribution error,” humans are […]

Mental Health Awareness Panel – AOL/Women’s Health Magazine

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Dr. Ben Michaelis joins “Women’s Health” Editor-in-Chief Amy Keller Laird to discuss mental health with the goal of breaking taboos by putting real faces to medical diagnoses, opening up the dialogue, sparking change and ultimately stopping the stigma associated with mental illnesses.