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“4 Ways to Rejection-Proof Yourself” – Huffington Post

By Terri Trespicio Rejections hurts—literally. Research shows an overlap in how our brains respond to rejection and physical pain. Why? Humans have a fundamental need to belong. “We have evolved to be part of a group, part of a tribe,” says psychologist Ben Michaelis, PhD, creator of One Minute Diagnosis, which aims destigmatize mental illness. “Without our tribes […]

“13 Questions A Grown-Ass Woman Should Be Able To Answer About Her Partner” – Romper

The beginnings of a new relationship are exciting, partially because everything is brand-new. That honeymoon phase is a time to learn about your partner and put together their pieces of their personality puzzle, so to speak. Eventually, you start to think that the relationship could turn into something more serious. (Are those are wedding bells […]

“Small ways you can be a better friend” – The List

Over the course of your life, many different friendships will begin and end. They’ll ebb and flow as you grow and your life changes, through big moves, breakups, new jobs, engagements and weddings, or the journey towards starting a family, if that’s what you choose. There are all different kinds of friends — old friends […]

“The Vlogging Cure” – Psychology Today

With millions of viewers following their testimonies, YouTube video creators are challenging the stigma attached to mental illness. What are the benefits and pitfalls of their public confessionals? Every morning, Martina Stawski wakes up in pain, her every joint, from jaw to knuckles, screaming its complaint. There is no cure for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, the chronic […]

“How to Know If You’re in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship” – the List

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports on their domestic violence fact sheets that almost 20 people are physically abused by a partner every single minute. Nationally, domestic violence hotlines across the country get about 20,800 calls every day. The numbers are staggering, and it’s very disturbing to think about all the people who live […]

“Are Your Frugal Habits Actually Costing You in the Long Run?” – Grow

It’s safe to say that we all love a good deal—so much so that we might fall into bargain-hunting habits that seem more cost-effective than they really are. We’re talking about spending hours clipping coupons to save a couple bucks on groceries, driving to an off-your-route gas station because it’s slightly cheaper or sifting through […]