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Your Next Big Thing – Art of Charm

Dr. Ben Michaelis provides tips on how to stop trying to avoid stress and, instead, utilize it in intelligent ways. “The tighter we hold onto things and try to control them, oftentimes the more difficult it is to have influence over them.” -Dr. Ben Michaelis Talking Points: Stress is inevitable, so stop trying to avoid […]

Dr. Ben Michaelis: Finding His Path In Life Via Sesame Street

Dr. Ben Michaelis chats with David Ralph of Join Up Dots about his life and career, sharing his best strategies to take action and live a life of purpose. Show Highlights During the show, Dr. Ben Michaelis and David Ralph touch upon the following topics: Why saying yes to an opportunity is the best way to achieve […]

5 Fast Ways To Become Happier and More Positive

The human instinct for self preservation is an inherently optimistic way of approaching the world because it assumes two things: 1. There will be a future and 2. We want to be a part of that future. However, in spite of this inherent optimism, we also carry with us certain biases that can lead to […]

"7 Reasons People Who Travel A Lot Are More Likely To Be Successful" – YourTango

Traveling helps you acquire skills naturally while building your character. “Frequent traveling gets you outside of your comfort zone, opening up new worlds and experiences. Faced with new scenarios and encounters, you learn effective coping strategies that help you survive and manage your fear of the unknown,” says Dr. Ben Michaelis, a clinical psychologist and […]

"4 Brain Blockers That Can Hold You Back at Work—and How to Outsmart Them" – Learn Vest

Brain Blocker #1: The Goldfish Effect Here’s a fun fact: The average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds. Here’s another one: According to research by Microsoft, the average attention span of a human now maxes out at eight seconds—that’s down from 12 in 2000. That’s right—a fish can now concentrate longer than a human. […]

The 3 Best Apps for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Good news/bad news here. First the good news: You want to be a better person. Research out of the University of Scranton (yes, that Scranton) indicates that nearly half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions aimed at improving their lives, and at least half of our resolutions are aimed at leading physically or mentally […]