Postpartum Depression: How to Recognize the Signs – HealthiNation

Bringing home and starting a new life with a baby is often considered one of the most amazing milestones in adulthood, so feeling any sort of sadness or dissatisfaction might make you feel ashamed or guilty.

But sadness after having a baby is more common than you might think, and many women feel some extent of postpartum blues in the year after delivery. Postpartum blues may come and go shortly in the weeks after childbirth, but postpartum depression is different. It can start any time in the first year after giving birth (it may not happen ASAP), may last months or longer, and is severe enough to prevent new moms from bonding with their babies.

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Dr. Ben Michaelis and other experts join HelthiNation to talk about the signs of Postpartum Depression.

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