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Elite Performance Coaching Services

Individual Coaching, Business Partners Coaching, Financial Coaching

Individual Coaching

Whether you’re starting a new endeavor, growing a business, or managing a large enterprise, it’s important to take your thoughts offline with a trusted confidant who can bring a fresh perspective to achieving success.

Empowering professionals with Elite Performance Coaching

Driven professionals looking to gain a competitive edge seek out Dr. Ben’s elite performance coaching to achieve measurable results. Through a blend of clinical psychology and actionable mentoring, each entrepreneur, leader, and CEO is equipped with the skills to grow in their workplace while maintaining a strong sense of self and balance. Dr. Ben provides personalized 1:1 coaching and connections to rising leaders in order to facilitate their development and successes toward specific career goals.

As your elite performance coach, Dr. Ben will help you:

  • Prioritize your big ideas and provide you with strategies with how to attack them.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the workplace.
  • Modernize your leadership approach, perception, and communication style.
  • Implement and refine the actionable takeaways that are key to being a better leader.

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Co-Founders and Business Partners Coaching:

Mixing business with personal relationships is complex. Co-founders and business partners can often run into obstacles when navigating their personal and professional roles. Dr. Ben often works with company founders to help strengthen their relationships, align their management styles, and motivate their employees.

As a business partners coach, Dr. Ben will help you:

  • Clarify your personal professional relationships
  • Understand and use business psychology in the workplace
  • Develop your individual managerial style
  • motivate and support your employees

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As Dr. Ben is commited to elite performance and wellness, members of his practice are focused on financial wellness. If you are starting a business, saving
for a project or major expense or are trying to get your financial house in order, consider working with the budgeting experts who works with Dr. Ben.

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