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Let’s Talk to a Shrink – Slate

Dr. Ben Michaelis talks about narcissistic personality disorder and how he would treat Donald Trump.

Your Next Big Thing – Art of Charm

Dr. Ben Michaelis provides tips on how to stop trying to avoid stress and, instead, utilize it in intelligent ways.

“The tighter we hold onto things and try to control them, oftentimes the more difficult it is to have influence over them.” -Dr. Ben Michaelis

Talking Points:

  • Stress is inevitable, so stop trying to avoid it and learn to leverage it for constructive purposes.
  • Is anxiety the same thing as stress?
  • Understand how cognitive biases get in your way.
  • Learn the difference between eustress and distress — and how to get the right amount of the right kind of stress when you need it.
  • How do we overcome our evolutionary programming to focus on actual problems vs. imaginary problems?

SiriusXM Radio Ch 154: Jealousy in Relationships

Dr. Ben Michaelis joins American Latino Radio to talk about jealousy in relationships.

Dr. Ben Michaelis: Finding His Path In Life Via Sesame Street

Dr. Ben Michaelis chats with David Ralph of Join Up Dots about his life and career, sharing his best strategies to take action and live a life of purpose.

Show Highlights

During the show, Dr. Ben Michaelis and David Ralph touch upon the following topics:

Why saying yes to an opportunity is the best way to achieve greater success,

How it is so important to get yourself in a safe environment and then start trying things out to see what feels the best for you.

Why he feels strongly that everything in life that is seamless and easy is worthless.

Why giving your talents away to the world truly allows for taps into your power.

SiriusXM Radio Ch 154: Social Media And Relationships

Dr. Ben Michaelis joins LOVE Sujeiry on SiriusXM (Ch 154) to talk about how social media affect our relationships.

SIRIUSXM Ch 154 Love Sujeiry: Childhood Messages and Romantic Relationships

Dr. Ben Michaelis joins LOVE Sujeiry on SiriusXM (Ch 154) to talk about how messages we receive in childhood can affect our romantic relationships later in life.