Your Next Big Thing: Ten Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy

Do you ever feel stuck?  Like you’re running in place in your job, your relationships, or how you relate to the world? If so, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to Your Next Big Thing.

Your Next Big Thing: Ten Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy is filled with practical concepts, exercises, and advice that will help you envision a new horizon filled with possibility and promise and move towards your vision with courage and conviction.

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City, and while my approach to working with each person I see is different, I’ve found that there are three essential elements for getting unstuck and moving forward: Play, Purpose, and Work, all of which form the basis for the ten steps in this book. As you go through these steps, the possibilities for your future will widen. You’ll imagine a new path and take decisive action to make your vision a reality.

These ten steps are the key to getting you from running in place to moving with purpose. Whether you’re just out of school, transitioning to a new career, entering retirement, or just feel “stuck,” the ideas, stories, and quizzes in Your Next Big Thing will help you re-imagine, re-discover, and rebuild your life so that it aligns with what brings you joy and what gives you meaning.

Check out an excerpt from the book: