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Conduct Disorder in a Minute

“People with Conduct Disorder exhibit a repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior in which the rights of others or basic social rules are violated. In today’s One Minute Diagnosis video, I will talk about the clues clinicians use to recognize Conduct Disorder. Thanks for watching.” – Dr. Ben Michaelis

Mentally Fit For the Office? – Spectrum News NY1

Clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Michaelis joins Errol Louis to talk about calls for President Trump to undergo an in-depth cognitive exam. He says the President is not mentally fit for office. Watch it here: Spectrum News NY1 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Key Facts You Need to Know – HealthiNation

OCD isn’t just liking things labeled or washing your hands often. It’s common to hear someone casually refer to themselves as “so OCD” as they show off their perfectly labeled filing cabinet. While many people enjoy a color-coded Post-It note system, even the strongest type-A personality is not necessarily enough for a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive […]

Agoraphobia in a Minute

“People with Agoraphobia have an intense fear of exposure to a real or anticipated place or situation where escape might be difficult. In today’s One Minute Diagnosis video, I will talk about the clues clinicians use to recognize Agoraphobia. Thanks for watching!”– Dr. Ben Michaelis

9 Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder You Shouldn’t Ignore

People with borderline personality disorder deal with instability in almost every area of their lives – their relationships, their identity, and their actions. They have a hard time holding back their emotions, which means glowing positivity can quickly turn to outrage. BFD can be confused with bipolar disorder, which affects mood rather than personality. [Read […]

Phobias in a Minute

“People with phobias have unrealistic or extreme fears of objects or situations. In today’s One Minute Diagnosis video, I will talk about the clues clinicians use to recognize a specific phobia. Thanks for watching.” – Dr. Ben Michaelis

“Is Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump?” – The Atlantic

President Donald Trump’s decision to brag in a tweet about the size of his “nuclear button” compared with North Korea’s was widely condemned as bellicose and reckless. The comments are also part of a larger pattern of odd and often alarming behavior for a person in the nation’s highest office.Trump’s grandiosity and impulsivity has made him a constant […]

“3 psychologists explain why men harass women in the workplace” – CNBC

Sexual harassment in the workplace is hardly a new phenomenon, but the deluge of disturbing allegations of sexual assault and harassment by powerful, high-profile men has prompted an increasing number of women to come forward with stories of how harassment has impacted their careers. CNBC Make It spoke with three psychologists to break down the possible […]